Our coffees

Coffee is about making choices

The right choices from bean to cup, that’s what it’s all about with coffee. We carefully select our coffee farmers and traders for their high standards and their commitment to specialty coffee. We also “cup” (taste) all coffee minutely, to determine exactly how best to roast the beans. The roasting itself takes place in our own coffee roastery. As a result, we have complete control over the production process to ensure you of a coffee experience unlike any other.

It all starts with roasting the best beans

Excellent coffee for every day, that’s what we aim for. We use skillfully grown and carefully selected specialty Arabica beans for optimal complexity and a broad spectrum of flavor nuances. Then, in the roasting process, it’s up to us to create the right balance for a great cup of coffee. Thanks to our years of roasting experience, we now know exactly that a medium light roasting gives the best results, resulting in perfectly balanced acidity and a beautifully full taste of the coffee.

The ultimate brew for every coffee lover

Black and strong or prepared with the tastiest fresh milk (-alternatives): by far the most popular brewing method in our 30ML establishments is still espresso. This typically Italian brewing method uses high pressure to push a small amount of hot water at speed through finely ground coffee. It may seem simple but achieving the perfect taste through this method actually requires exceptional skills and top-notch equipment. Our baristas are all highly trained and prepare your coffee with first-rate espresso machines from Victoria Arduino.

The authentic taste of filter coffee

As tasty as espresso is, our other brewing methods are definitely worth exploring too. Just try one of those surprisingly tasty cups of our filter coffee at your favorite 30ML location or buy some freshly roasted beans to make filter coffee at home. Don’t own a coffee grinder? Not sure how to get the best results when brewing filter coffee at home? Feel free to ask us to grind your beans and share our filter coffee secrets with you.

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